quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2010

AS ÁRVORES e os LIVROS: o «Chap»

It is in the nature of the trees
to grow up into a forest
And to be twisted, or straight.
As to the inhabitants of a kingdom
which is protected by a good sovereign,
some of them are just and honest
and some of them are stupid and vile.

All kinds of animals,
ferocious or cruel,
One could force and command them
But for ferocious, stupid and abusive people
The sage tells us to turn away
And to distance ourselves from them.

(Kaun Chau st. 24-25)

Nota: Texto extraído do «Chap», textos budistas do Cambodja

Fotos: Flores de lótus no Museu Nacional de Phnom Penh

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